What People Are Saying about Taming Wild Hearts

    DR - “Horses and a love match - Is it fate, or God, that brings these two together? You'll enjoy reading about Luke, Bree and the unique Cinna the mustang. JE “A Christian Romance Novel - My friend Betty paints with her words as she tells an engaging story about the plight of the Curly Sulphur Mustangs. The quirky vernacular of the main characters adds a touch of humor. The modern-day themes of human trafficking are juxtaposed with the sensibilities of a bygone era--alive and well on the Crawford ranch. The small town vibe includes a vivid, rib tickling rodeo scene.”

    LM- Really Fun Read “Taming Wild Hearts by the incomparable Betty Slade is a fun read. It has everything to delight those who love the romance genre — A hunk of a cowboy, a girl pulling her way out of a dark past, and yes, Curly Mustangs. Hope you enjoy this treasure even more than I did.”

    HS - Thrilling – “This book has it all: a cowboy, a very special horse, a woman running from her past, horse thieves, and romance. Never a dull moment. A page turner!”

    KP - Modern Day Western “I have to admit the cover of this book is what caught my eye! A horse dashing through the snow and a hint of romance. ❤️ Plus I'm a Colorado girl myself, so maybe I was drawn in by the mountains as well. I clicked 4 stars because I'm not all the way through the book yet - I'll update after I get to the end, but I already can't wait for the next one!”

    EW - Enjoyable read – “This was an enjoyable read. I look forward to reading Book 2.”

    VH - An author who knows. “Ms Slade brings to life espionage, horses and romance in this story. Her knowledge comes from experience. She has lived on the Lower Blanco River in Southwest Colorado for 40 years. She knows about horses. She has a hand full of kids and grandkids and has watched them grow up and get married. She knows about romance. And she is an artist and knows about paintings and their clandestine trading market. This novel puts it all together intertwining all three; Luke, Bree and Cinna, the small curly-haired mustang.”

    FR -  I ordered a second copy to give as a gift! “Romance, Love of Horses, Mountain setting, Fight for Justice and so much more! Wow! So good Betty - Please keep them coming!”



    Janet Meyer-Karn says (May 17, 2023):

    Taming Wild Hearts is an exciting, easy read that is difficult to put down, The dialogue brings the characters alive, and you begin to own your favorite ones. This is a must read for all who love horses, and people who love each other.

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