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"I have been a fan of Betty Slade's column in the Pagosa Springs SUN for years and her weekly stories always prove to be a joy to read. Whether she is instructing budding artists in technique or style or she is writing about football and Dear Al, she constantly entertains us with her heartfelt stories and anecdotes."

Roxanne Schick

Cameo, Story of Ruth, is a thumbnail sketch of the history of Israel and its redeemer. The events set forth are contempoprary with the first half of Judges and cover a span of 12 years. The story takes us from the country of Moab to the fIeld of Bethlehem, from the threshing floor to the city of Bethlehem. The setting is set in the time of Judges 17:6. "In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes." The title Cameo is a gem or medallion, engraved in contrasting colors. Ruth, meaning friend, would not only become a friend to Naomi, but a friend to God and would be the one used to establish God's purpose for Israel and for the world.


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Heart Bender Trilogy

New Mexico art curator's brush with danger finds romance with Interpol agent as they team up to search for international stolen art.


Millie Montgomery, an art appraiser and head curator for the Brantwood Musum, and Rik Hansson, an undercover agent for the French INTERPOL, meet in Paris and join forces solving international art theft.

Three art crimes and three missions take them from  France, Spain,  Sweden, England and Afghanistan to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Thrust into the tanagled web of international art crime, Millie and Rik's relationship totters on the brink of unraveling.


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Mary Magdalene is a woman with seven demons. She yearns to be forgiven and free. Her journal chronicles her life in Magdala and her struggles to break free of demon possession. Every woman who knows pain of the soul will find herself in this beautiful love story. Mary Magdalene's life unfolds from bondage into belonging.


"In 2009, I painted an oil of Mary Magdalene titles, "Mary, Do not cling to Me." The eyes in this portrait haunted me and I felt she had something to say. I saw her pain and her yearning to tell me about her redeption. From a life snatched away in childhood to an unbearable demon possessed existence, she buried her inner self. She flaunted her pride and lost her dignity. When she came to herself, she turned from the seduction of lies, blew out the red candle, and wrapped her soul in the promise of redemption."


Cover Design ~ Betty J. Slade

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Living Life on the Front Page is a collection of articles from Betty J. Slade's weekly column, Artist's Lane. These articles appeared weekly from 2008 to 2012 in The Pagosa Springs SUN, Pogosa Springs, Colorado. Her humorous style engages the reader to take their daily circumstances lightly. Love for her family and community is written in every word.


She writes about Sweet Al, his brother David, and the rest of the family. Whiskey and Daisy, the family dogs, and her friends' pets have become famous. Her writings include family living, old and new friends, neighbors, and small town sports. Even a few serious articles are sprinkled throughout the book.


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Courageous Women in Perilous Times

"With the vibrant hues of forgiveness, healing, restoration, and freedom, Betty Slade paints a beautiful portrait of Mary Magdalene's life transformed by an encounter with Jesus. A stunning narrative of a woman no longer bound by the chains of her past but instead embracing her bright future."

Elizabeth White


Betty, I ordered Spirit of the Red Candle. I loved it!!! In fact, I just couldn't put it down. I am telling others about it and one is also ordering it. Thanks for such a good read! Please let me know when your next book comes out. I will be buying it!!!

Beverly Jones








"Life and death struggles dog Millie and Rik's quest to recover stolen art treasures. Compelling characters, blossoming romance, and international travel await you in Heart Bender." - Author, Linda Farmer Harris

Betty J. Slade is an author, columnist, and artist. She has written over six hundred articles in her weekly column, The Artist’s Lane, for the Pagosa Springs SUN Newspaper. She writes about courageous women of faith and country families.

Nova Bree Steele is on the run after witnessing a murder in San Francisco. She hitchhikes to a ranch in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in search of Joe Crawford, a good man she heard could help her.

Modern-day cowboy, Luke Barrett rescues a rare Curly Sulphur Mustang from poachers in Disappointment Valley, Colorado. He and Bree join the efforts of a doctor working to save the Curly Sulphur Mustang breed from extinction. Relationships are forged with strength and courage to find their purpose.

Their lives, and the life of a rare mustang collide in the crosshairs of greedy men and the San Francisco Syndicate. They must find common ground and learn to work together, or they won’t survive the pursuits of evil men.

Fictional based on actual events.

Sulphur Mustangs are some of the most enigmatic horses found in North America. Besides their natural beauty and grace, they may be one of the last strains of relatively pure hoses that the Spanish brough to North America 400 years ago. These horses are in danger of extinction. If the public is informed of their existence, their chances for long-term survival are greatly increased. I am hoping this book raises public awareness of this American treasure.

-Dr. Mitch Wilkinson