Welcome to my world and Footprints in Paint. Take that first step and leave your footprints in paint.


This is a journey for writers who will discover new ways of thinking about what they see, how they feel, and how they experience what they write.


Take that first step and leave your footprints in paint.


My goal is to take the student from technique and methods to the spirit of the visual and literary arts. It's a big jump for beginning artists. It will be even a bigger jump for a writer who will learn to write from the concept of painting.


The students will experience how to dig deeper and writer from their spirit and emotions. In this class I hope to convey to each person how to be enlightened and create from their spirit.


As we walk together, we will not only leave footprints in paint but leave new exciting words on paper. Every stroke we apply to the paper and every word we write will record where we are at this moment.


When we write or paint in the Spirit, we worship God in the gifts He has bestowed on us. He returns honor to us by anointing our work, which give life to our words and images and will witness God.


Be Inspired!

"God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."  John 4:24