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Heart Bender Trilogy

An art appraiser and an undercover INTERPOL agent meet in Paris and join forces solving international art theft. Three art crimes and three missions take them from France, Spain, Sweden, England, and Afghanistan to Sante Fe, New Mexico

Author, Columnist, Artist


Welcome to my world of writing. A beautiful lady once quoted a Spanish proverb, “Cada cabeza es un mundo,” translated “in every head is a world.” As best friends, I admired her head for business and she mine for the creative. Putting our heads together, we accomplished more than we thought possible over a span of thirty years.

My head, my creative box, which I operate in, insists I push out the sides to make room for bigger ideas. Yes, many times, the transparency and vulnerability leave me wide open for criticism, misunderstanding, but always with a sense of amazement.

The risk to keep the lid on is more painful than to throw off the encumbrances and let the world see the flaws and my heart.

As an artist for 45 years, at 65 I started writing a column, The Artist’s Lane in the Pagosa SUN Newspaper. At 70, I wrote my first book and published it. I found romance. I fell in love with writing.

In all of my writings, I discovered a certain theme. I write about courageous women in perilous times. My protagonists strive beyond their talent and ability, and succeed in a world where they must win.

To be released soon is the the first book in a three-book series: Taming Wild Hearts, Book One in the Disappointment Valley Series. It’s a Contemporary, Western, Romance, with Suspense. Watch for this new project I’m most proud of. I hope this story will stir in you a challenge to see yourself as a heroine in your world and have the courage to stretch beyond your circumstances.

Kicking out the sides of the box.



The truthful lip shall be established forever. ~ Proverbs 12:19a

Released May 1, 2023